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Our team's 14+ years of embedded platform and award-winning interface designs yields our 8th generation series - Protege.  The suite of in-wall embedded Microsoft Windows-based interfaces is specifically designed for professional integrators and OEMs with uniquely configurable features and affordable elegance as a "one-box" solution.

The energy-efficient Protege 4", 6", 8", 10", 15" & 21" embedded touchscreens are purposed as standalone / kiosk or as clever multi-application interfaces with automatically updated content managers, GPIO control, status light  pipes, video conferencing, touch overlay and PoE options.

All platforms are fanless and solid state wizardry leveraging Intel Atom, AMD Geode or RISC chipsets running Microsoft XPe, Win7e, or WinCE.   Depending on the dsiplays, we offer long-life LED LCD's, GB Ethernet, USB, 232/485 serial, VGA out, cam, mic, speakers, with flush acrylic brand-able bezels, steel housing + backbox, configurable capacitive bezel buttons and platform testing and remote management as standard.

Ask about the custom OS options and micro-OEM bezel branding.  Call today for pricing 720-961-4056.

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Recent customer testamonial on the Pro21TV - “This gives us an AMX’ish feel at a reasonable price”.

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