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Pre-Sales Product FAQ:  

Can I load windows programs on Protege?  

Protege 8 and larger screens run embedded versions of XP or Win7e and can run most Windows programs.  Limitations are in processor (Geode on Pro8/8lt) and memory so choose the right interface for the right application.

What sizes and types of interfaces do we make?  




Our Pro4 and Pro6 are essentially thin clients on ARM-based processors running WinCE.  Affordably purposed for lightweight applications.

The Pro8 and Pro8lt are affordalbe X86-based processors on a GEODE CPU ideal middle ground for Win XPe OS and smaller applications yet still very robust.

Pro8a/w, Pro10a/w, Pro15a/w and Pro21a/w are the supercharged Intel Atom CPU running 1.6Ghz yet innovatively fanless.  These platform most mimic a modern PC in performance and flexiblity.

What applications have been tested?

See a partial list here.  NOTE that we cannot test every app and thus rely on professionals around the globe to provide us feedback.  NOTE also that while we have considered the best plugins and OS features, these are still lightweight versions of full XP and Win7. 

How much can I tweak the functionality?

We offer a very innovative applet that takes control of the platform in every aspect.  We thus offer unique ways to lauch apps upon boot or from hard buttons or your own desktop navigation interface.  See more here....

Support FAQ:  
OS Image Recovery

Borg's team host the original images on a server whereby you can donwload and recover the OS if needed.  See PDF

GPIO Programing (Buttons, I/O's etc)

OEMs should reprogram the hard buttons to access select points within your own application according to custom icons.  PDF

Protege Installation Guides

ARM-based Pro4, 6 - PDF   X86-based Pro8a, 10a, 15a, 21a - PDF      See Product pages for specifications