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OEM Opportunities:

Borg offers simple and affordable methods for either extending your brand on our products or creating custom interface/software solutions to fit your needs.  The team @ Borg has 14 years of experince in the emdedded platform industries with supplier relationships and clients around the globe.  As innovators in touch-based platforms and interface designs, Borg's team can provide your organization the very latest technologies as purposed devices rather than one-size fits all PC scenarios.


Micro OEM Program - PDF

Besides off-the-shelf platforms, Borg also offers regular full custom OEM platforms and micro-branding opportunities for private label and/or application integration via the bezel button GPIO.  Choices so we make it VERY easy for you - so easy you can buy just one screen at a time and still have a custom look/feel!   And we can preload your software and drop ship anywhere in the free world.

  • Great for Application Providers to re-affirm their brand in the physical sense.
  • Ideal for Integrators or anyone wanting their brand or custom colors on our affordable platforms!
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to offload the headaches of hardware provisioning and manufacturing

This Program is all about you!

Call about the OEM Program today!



Custom is Already Built into every Protege

Borg's innovative Button Monitor already enables a custom setup and install every time.  The Capacitive Hard Buttons on the bezel can be configured to perform a wide variety of tasks:

Button Monitor Features:

  • Any Button can launch an applications or IE to a preset page i.e. BBC News

  • Select a URL to launch as a full-screen home page upon bootup

  • Set IE to locked down kiosk-mode – great for web device control

  • Add sound to button presses, if desired

  • Power down manually if desired.

  • Deactivate Buttons altogether for passive display mode

  • Monitor Button activity from custom applications through the GPIO

  • Power-saving screen saver timer now with content management options!

  • Digital photo frame from local or network photos

  • MP3 player random or list local or network

  • News ticker

  • Localized weather

  • Calendar and clock

  • Auto update feature for the latest releases – nice!



Other Semi - Custom Options:




  Semi - Custom bezel means: Bezel Color + Logo  + Button Icons + Button background













 Custom Hard Button Icons, icon colors and background colors.  We can also hardcode the link as desired






 Custom glow bezels available on select platforms.  See in an instant the status of a room or state.











Custom steel backbox options
















  Custom platform designs