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Product Resources:


2012 Catalog: PDF

XPe Specifications - 

Win7e Specifications -  PDF

WinCE5.0 Specifications - available on Pro4, Pro6 and Pro8ltx


Power Consumption: PDF               Smart Energy Solutions: PDF          
Protege platforms are specifically designed to be solid state and thus fanless for a very long life.  Additionally componentry such as LED LCD is employed on several displays further enabling simple low and high power PoE installations.   With typically 1/10th the power consumption of that of a PC, and with known reliability issues with PC's, why bother.  Use the right tool for the job.  The PoE splitter can be incorporated inside the steel backbox and, on larger units, inside the assembly housing itself.  Or we can do it for you on larger orders.




Button Monitor Applet: (our control panel) PDF    VERY POWERFUL

Borg controls all aspects of Protege with the Button Monitor applet which controls the device or how applications boot up as well as ongoing applet updates, content provisioning, and more.  Hard Buttons can be set to Launch and/or toggle between applications – Set Kiosk and Power modes – Keyboard – Hot Keys

-Any Button can be set to launch applications – IE preset to a home page i.e. BBC News
-Select a URL to launch as a full-screen home page
-Power-saving screen saver timer
-Set IE to locked down kiosk-mode – great for web device control
-Add sound to button presses * Power down manually if desired.
-Deactivate Buttons altogether for passive display mode
-Monitor Button activity from custom applications through the GPIO



Factory Default Button Settings:

-Button 1 turns the screen off/on (manual screen-saver)
-Button 2 activates the keyboard in browser mode
-Button 3 is the one that goes to the Borg home page
-Button 4 with the Alt-tab. Launch / Toggle applications, Set Kiosk, Power modes, Keyboard, Hot Keys and more


Protege Remote Control and Administration: PDF  

Protege offers multiple ways to either remotely administer platforms, receive updates or view the interface remotely.

  • VNC - logging in to see and control the desktop from another display or PC/smartphone
  • RDP - porting another screen to this display or visa versa
  • TeamViewer - remote adminsitration and control
  • VGA out on most screens + USB so a remote screen could control the platform

OEM Program - see home page redirect 

BIOS splashscreen (customizable)

Bezel styles and colors

Custom configurations - memory, backboxes, branding, fulfillment, testing and drop ship